Uno launches major social media campaign across TikTok and Instagram

Are you a Sore Loser, a Dodgy Dealer, a Victory Dancer, or do you simply make up your own rules to suit your game? Whichever it is, Uno is celebrating the ‘four different types of player personalities’ through the launch of a new digital campaign.

The campaign – titles #unowhoyouare – has identified the four different types of players when it comes to playing the world’s number one card game, and has created a series of social media videos to showcase each of them. Seriously, it’s like holding a mirror up to you Uno game-playing.

Victory Dancer, Dodgy Dealers, Sore Losers, and Make Your Own Rules are the personality types all on display in Mattel’s ambitious social-first campaign that uses millennial and Gen Z influencers, as well as real people across TikTok and Instagram to celebrate the much-loved game.

Uno, the world’s number one card game, launched a new digital campaign this weekend to celebrate all the different types of players and the ‘four different fun Uno player personalities

The campaign will run across Tik Tok, harnessing the power of the platforms popularity that has skyrocketed in 2020.
#unowhoyouare is a tribute to the genuine reactions, crazy rules and fun forfeits that make UNO fun to play and customise. The campaign taps into the rise of games popularity in lockdown, as a way to bring people together.

The campaign launches a hero video and digital plan featuring real people and influencers who have filmed reaction shots for a ‘Kids Know Best’ created campaign video, featuring Tik Tok talents OTB, Fleur, Kyran and Lily Rose.

The campaign also includes bespoke content from social media comedian Arron Crascall who has 8 million followers across Instagram and Tik Tok.

Lockdown has seen a renewed interest in gameplay, rivalling Christmas – traditionally the categories strongest time of year. Uno is enjoying a phenomenal 2020, with POS up 116% +% YTD* and a spot at #16 in the Total Toys Market.
The campaign will be promoted with a full digital media campaign, across Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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