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Indoor Kingdoms prepares for Kickstarter launch with inflatable playhouses for the home

A new Kickstarter campaign is preparing for launch with one mission in mind: to bring outdoor inflatable and bouncy castle play into the home and limited spaces with its own Indoor Kingdom concept.

Developed by the team at Bigger Than Life Advertising, a specialist in the giant event and experiential inflatables market for the past 35 years, Indoor Kingdom aims to breathe life into the inflatable playhouse sector. Bigger Than Life Advertising has already built a name for itself in the inflatables sector, supplying products for consumer activations, music festivals, movie premieres, trade shows, and pop-up shops across the UK.

However, when COVID-19 struck and the world went into lockdown, the firm was forced to innovate its offering. With nearly all of its projects cancelled or suspended and with questions still hanging over just when events will be making their return – even amid the current easing of lockdown restrictions – Bigger Than Life Advertising looked to diversify its offering and develop its new concept; the inflatable playhouse.

“During this time, self-quarantining made us realise how tough it is to keep kids entertained indoors, and with limited space it makes it that much more challenging,” reads the company’s official marketing material. “A lightbulb went off in our heads: what if we could create an inflatable playhouse which could be big fun, and you could pack away when playtime was over? From these circumstances Indoor Kingdoms was born.”

The inflatable castle is the first project to emerge from the new Indoor Kingdoms brand and is due to launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter from July 7th.

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