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Tabletop game Trekking the World closes in on £100k on Kickstarter

A project to deliver on a new tabletop title that will have players exploring the world is nearing completion, having secured almost three times its original goal on Kickstarter.

While families and individuals across the globe are continuing to fight against the coronavirus pandemic through social distancing and self isolation, board gaming has seen a reported uptick in sales and engagement.

It would also seem a timely to launch a new game on the topic of global exploration.

Designed by Underdog Games, Trekking the World takes players on a journey to visit some of the world’s natural treasures where they collect souvenirs and ‘enjoy the miracle of our planet.’ 

Maintaining its international theme, the game features the 48 iconic illustrations by international artists that add to the route management gameplay, in which players travel thee globe to an array of destinations and race to become the most seasoned traveller.

“Our goal is to make games that spend more time on tables than shelves; no big rulebooks, no long setups, no hoping you might someday play that game you bought if only you could find new friends and ten more hours per week,” said Underdog Games.

Trekking the World is the latest project from Underdog Games, the company who back in 2018 launched Trekking the National Parks, a title which went on to sell more than 80,000 copies worldwide.

With eight days remaining on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, Trekking the World has already secured £94,292 from some 3,010 backers.

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