Kickstarter is giving creators a seven day extension on live projects during coronavirus pandemic

The crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter is giving creators extra time to meet their crowdfunding goals, allowing campaigns to request a seven day extension amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kickstarter says that creators have reached out to say COVID-19 has affected existing campaigns on the platform, and they’d like extra time to adjust and reach more people. The platform has previously offered seven day extensions for specific circumstances.

In its post announcing the extension, Kickstarter notes that creators should rethink their established production timeline and give backers more accurate estimates. They can also adjust their campaign messaging and promotional plans while asking backers for help in promoting the project.

According to The Verge, the company also took the opportunity to address anyone who’s thinking about launching a campaign, telling them to consider their health and well-being before going ahead with their project.

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