Zimpli Kids to utilise some UK production capacity for hand sanitiser

As an established UK manufacturer, Zimpli Kids has decided to quickly switch some of its UK production capacity to manufacturing high quality alcohol based hand sanitisers.

Current demand for hand sanitiser has resulted in a shortage worldwide prompting Zimpli Kids to manufacture 60ml bottles of 62.5 per cent alcohol based hand sanitiser. The minimum alcohol content that is required to kill Coronavirus is 60 per cent.

It was, the company states, ‘a very difficult decision to come by,’ as it is hoping to avoid accusations of profiteering from the current crisis. The bulk prices for hand sanitiser liquid is currently selling at 10 times what they were just three months ago, and even UK sourced plastic bottles are three to four times the price they normally are.

Eejay Enyi, Zimpli Kids sales director, said: “Although our prices will be considerably higher than Chinese prices, our costs to make the product quickly in the UK are also substantially higher, the reality is all the Chinese stock was cleared off shelves weeks ago and we all know it takes many months for the Chinese manufacturers to get additional stock to the UK.

“Alcohol based hand sanitiser is needed in the UK now, it will both save lives and help to stop the spread of this terrible virus.”

60ml Hand Sanitiser stock will be available the week commencing March 23rd, 100ml and 250ml bottles will be available the week commencing April 6. If you would like any more information, please contact sales@ZimpliKids.com

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