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Ravensburger North America unveils Disney Hocus Pocus, Disney Jungle Cruise, and Back to the Future board games

Disney’s bewitching classic, Hocus Pocus is making the leap from the library of seasonal favourites and into the world of tabletop gaming, as the IP joins a roster of newly revealed board games from Ravensburger North America this year.

The 1993 fantasy comedy, starring Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker is among a line-up of Disney properties to join the fold this year, with tabletop adaptations also detailed for the Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game (launched ahead of this year’s upcoming film) and Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power.

The company will release over 250 new products this year, stretching across its award-winning suite of brands, including Ravensburger, ThinkFun, Brio, and Wonder Forge.

Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game is Ravensburger’s first Halloween-themed offering. The game sees players work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from draining the lives of Salem’s children by ruining their potion before the sun rises.

The game is billed as a quick-to-play, cooperative title that includes spells and quotes from the film, as well as a special appearance from Binx the cat. The game is aimed at kids aged eight and upwards and will be launched this August.

Meanwhile, Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game sees players get ready for mystery and misfortune in an adventure along the perilous jungle river to the Jungle Navigation Headquarters. Each must keep their cargo and passengers safe from the jungle dangers that await. The title will launch this June.

Elsewhere in Ravensburger’s licensed offering for 2020 comes a newly developed Back to the Future: Dice Through Time game which follows a narrative inspired by the classic film trilogy in which Biff has stolen the DeLorean and taken a joyride through time. Players must help Doc and Marty repair the space-time continuum before the paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe.

The title will be released this year, in line with the film’s big 35th anniversary.

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