EOLO Toys enjoys 32 per cent growth thanks to successful international expansion

International expansion for the outdoor toys specialist, EOLO Toys has helped the company to a 32 per cent growth over the course of the last year, setting the firm up for what it believes will be a promising 2020.

The company has cited that among the common trends running through the wider toy sector at the moment – including Kwai style and character art such as unicorns – the outdoor toy sector itself has been bolstered with a new desire from parents to get their kids active.

Speaking to ToyNews, Alex Prieto, founder and director of fun at EOLO Toys, said that confidence is high in the firm’s latest portfolio of outdoor products and ‘the innovation that it is bringing to the field,’ that EOLO can continue to drive this trend into the coming year.

“It’s a reality that kids today are most of the time in front of screens, so we know that we’ve to be a digital brand and its a must to be present and active in the digital world,” Prieto told ToyNews.

“Every brand has a well-designed and implemented digital marketing strategy which helps to reach our target audience. Most of our marketing effort today is to understand what our kids want (content, platforms…) so we are able to tackle the difficulty of capturing kids attention.

“On the other hand we are also bringing tech to our toys by adding apps and other content to create engagement.”

One example from EOLO Toys would be its Slider Disc, a reinvigoration of a classic, and the first flying transforming disc that can fit in a pocket and comes with three modes of play.

Prieto added: “We think outdoor is actually a very stable business with items in our portfolio that sell year on year for over 10-15 years.”

Efforts for 2020 from EOLO Toys will now focus on the company’s push into the American market, where it is looking to continue to ‘push the envelope’ of innovation in the outdoor market.

“We are really pushing to get a bigger presence in North America, not an easy task, but we are seeing some light, once again thanks to our constant product development and innovation,” said Prieto.

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