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Sustainability is a “personal priority” for MGA boss as LOL Surprise Terracycle programme is extended to new countries

MGA Entertainment has extended its partnership with the international recycling company TerraCycle to include nine new countries in which its LOL Surprise Recycling efforts will be active.

Under the expansion of the global project, MGA’s TerraCycle campaign will now reach Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and the UK. MGA is also planning for a year of more eco-friendly products and packaging.

“As a leader in the toy and entertainment business we understand that we must lead the industry,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment.

“Not only are we looking to make products more sustainable, but we’re giving parents an easy and free way to recycle LOL Surprise packaging and products around the world.

“We need to look to our products to help keep the world healthy and alive for the next generation of fans – this is critical for the company and one that we are focused on as it relates to all aspects of the product lifecycle. 

“Sustainability is a personal priority and a MGAE commitment.”

It was in early 2019 that MGA Entertainment entered into its partnership with TerraCycle after hearing how frustrated fans were regarding differences in recycling programs, which vary from municipality to municipality. 

The new LOL Surprise Recycling Program, launched in conjunction with TerraCycle saw the arrangement of free shipping on all recycling shipments and opened the programme to any interested individual, school, office, or community organisation.

The programme allows fans to send all LOL Surprise packaging and products directly to a knowledgeable source, ensuring items are properly disposed of and recycled.

Once collected by TerraCycle, the items are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products.

MGA Entertainment states that the global programme launch with TerraCycle is just the beginning of a “robust eco-friendly program that the company will be introducing throughout 2020.”

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