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Kids’ audio system Tonies tunes into US market in latest global move

The popular children’s audio system Tonies has detailed its expansion to the USA market, a move that will be cemented towards the end of this year.

Preparations for the global growth have already begun, and parent company, Boxine GmbH is now in the process of establishing a headquarters in California and initiating the launch with licensors.

The move is part of Boxine’s wider ambitions to drive forward its international brand presence, and will be spearheaded by Christoph Frehsee, who has recently been appointed the US general manager.

Frehsee – who completed his MBA at Stanford University – brings with him entrepreneurial experience from building a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, as well as personal experience of the toy market being father to his five-year-old son.

He said: “The Toniebox will offer US customers a completely new way of listening to stories and music – children will have a device that they can operate independently without sitting in front of a screen. The trend for audiobooks is clearly growing across the world, and I am convinced Tonies will be well received by parents, as it has been in our European markets.”

Initially, the focus for the US launch will be on existing licenses, and the headquarters in California will be established in direct proximity to relevant market players from the entertainment and tech industry such as Disney – who are one of Tonies’ key license partners.

The internationalisation of the Toniebox began in 2018, with the introduction of the product to Great Britain and Ireland.

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