McDonald’s to trial new recycling programme for unwanted toys

McDonald’s is to trial a recycling programme that will collect unwanted plastic toys and turn them into coffee cups and play equipment.

The fast food giant will collect any plastic toys – from its own Happy Meals and those brought from other retailers – provided they fit through the 17cm diameter entrance to the bins.

The initial trial will run for four weeks in seven restaurants, including ones in Hampshire, St Ives, Kingston, Milton Keynes, Blackpool, Cardiff, and Ireland.

Collected toys will then be turned into new products like coffee cups, bins, outdoor play equipment, or vegetable planters that will be given to the community.

Helen Mcfarlane, sustainability manager at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “It is really important we test this to ascertain what customers bring back to us and in turn what we are able to create with the old plastic toys.

“We want to ensure we are creating genuinely useful products from the toys children have enjoyed and finished playing with. This test will enable us to work with our suppliers to create a range of new items, maximising the amount of plastic we can recycle and reducing the need for the creation of new virgin plastic.”

McDonald’s has said that if the trial is successful, the initiative will be rolled out to all restaurants this year.

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