Vivid launches new action collectable Power Pux

Vivid is powering into 2020 with its new action collectable Power Pux, a range of over 50 discs to collect with which kids can train themselves to become Power Pux masters.

The range starts at £2.99 with a blind bag of Pux and launcher and offers a higher price point with the Challenge Pack £9.99 with a spring loaded launcher, Pux cups and discs including a super rare disc.

To help drive collectability, Series Two and a limited edition Euro’s range will also be available for spring/summer.

“We’re delighted by the retailer support and distribution for Pux for S/S ‘20,” said Tom Bennie, marketing manager for Vivid.

“Goliath spent a long time in research and development honing the range and kid testing it to come up with the ultimate new craze collectable. The marketing support is truly 360 with in store sampling, magazine cover mounts, FSDU’s, TV advertising and a TV sponsorship programme working with Pop TV.

“We have also partnered with KidsKnowBest to come up with an engaging Digital content plan across YouTube working with a host of creators who will post their ultimate Pux challenges to keep followers hooked.”

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