ToyNews to run London Vitality Big Half Marathon for Toy Trust fundraiser

Pre-empting the need to shift the Christmas excess somehow, ToyNews’ own Robert Hutchins has struck upon no better idea than to undergo mile after mile of unbearable stitch and cramp pain in the name of the Toy Trust.

On Sunday, March 1st, 2020, ToyNews – alongside a toy industry’s worth of far better prepared and more disciplined runners – will take on the challenge of completing the London Vitality Big Half Marathon to raise money for the vital and continued work of the toy industry charity.

Stressing that he really is not after adoration, but simply the hard-earned cash by way of kindly donations, Hutchins will be among the hundreds of others at the start line next March, to embark on the 13 mile run around London.

“Getting up and dressed so early on a Sunday is going to be tough enough, and then I have to navigate the streets of London at a time I’m usually just watching something on Netflix,” said ToyNews editor, Robert Hutchins. “I’m not saying this is Herculean, but…

“Of course, we know who the heroes really are, and it’s all of those who work tirelessly to support and aid disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK and abroad. It is through the work and fundraising of the toy industry’s own Toy Trust that that important work can continue.”

Money raised through events such as this, and its many other initiatives, is distributed by the Toy Trust committee, who allocates grants to children’s causes in need of support.

Hutchins added: “For anyone thinking of donating, it’s a great way to spend a fiver, a heroic use of your £10 note, and an almost saintly undertaking worthy of an MBE for anything higher.

“Thank you to anyone who can support this charity with whatever you have to spare. I know there’s never a good time to shake the collection pot, but neither is there a better time to help make difference than now.”

You can sponsor ToyNews’s Toy Trust efforts by donating here.

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