Toy-based Advent calendar sales show ‘no sign of abating’ as kidult market fuels emerging sector

It isn’t just children that are fuelling sales of toy advent calendars this year, according to the NPD Group, who in an article with The Scotsman details a year on year sales increase of five per cent for the festive tradition.

The group has once again highlighted the might of the ‘kidult’ market (adults buying into the children’s market) suggesting it as a major contributing factor to the strength of toy-filled advent calendars so far this year.

Reports suggest that sales of toy-filled Advent calendars are now up five pr cent on last year, driven by demand from adults and teenagers keen to collect the daily toys. The NPD has gon on to confirm that this year’s top sellers include LEGO’s Harry Potter and City Advent calendars, followed by one from Playmobil.

Frederique Tutt, global industry analyst for toys at NPD, said: “Already established in France and Germany, the toy-based Advent calendar trend has been a little slower to take off in the UK, but it’s now gathering momentum and shows no sign of abating.

“One of the reasons sales are strong is that it’s not just children that are excited to open toy-filled Advent calendars from 1st to 24th December. Our research suggests that the ‘kidult’ population is helping to drive sales, with older children, teenagers, young adults and toy collectors treating themselves to a Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, or Fortnite toy-based Advent calendar.

“With average prices in the top 10 currnt best-sellers ranging from £15.70 for a Playmobil calendar to £29.34 for the Funko Pop! Harry Potter for 24 toys, this growing sector is providing a welcome revenue lift to the UK toy sector at a critical time of year.”

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