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Hasbro releases flurry of Monopoly editions, including Speed, Longest Game Ever and a niche Primark themed game

Amid a flurry of recent releases under its iconic board gaming brand, Hasbro has introduced some pretty quirky new takes on the Monopoly board game, including a lightning fast version, a prolonged ‘longest ever version’, and the ultra-niche Primark-themed version.

Let’s start with the most bizarre. Because it will take a real lover of fast fashion and high street shopping to go in for the latest licensed title, but nevertheless, Hasbro has indeed teamed up with Primark to develop it.

While the tokens appear to have remained the same as your standard Monopoly edition, the real estate focuses entirely on Primark’s in-store offering, as players journey the board trying to buy fashion items, ranging from jewellery to the little black dress.

As players fill their baskets with clothing, they can buy and build Primark stores. There are also spaces on the board for fitting rooms, while Community Chest and Train Station areas remain the same.

The Monopoly Primark edition was created by Hasbro’s Monopoly licensing partner Winning Moves who brokered the deal with the high street retailer. It is now available exclusively in 119 UK stores.

Elsewhere, and one for the more mainstream audience perhaps, Hasbro has also adapted its best-selling board game title for those shorter on time or patience. Monopoly Speed arrives as a sped-up version of the game.

In fact, so speedy is this version, that gameplay must be finished in ten minutes. The game even comes with a timer to keep players on their strict schedule. Expect some level of carnage to ensure, as the is played out as everyone takes their turn, at the same time.

During four rounds, players have to race to buy, trade, and sell properties, with no break between each stage. There are also two Go! Spaces.

Meanwhile, for the gluttons for punishment, Hasbro has also launched the game’s counterpart in Monopoly: Longest Game Ever. This version comes with 66 properties to buy, 40 spaces for players to navigate, and one singular die.

There are also new rules to make it harder to finally end, such as bankruptcy no longer meaning a player us automatically kicked out of the game. In fact, the game doesn’t end until someone owns every single property. Start this one on Christmas Day, and you may well finish by the time Brexit finally gets resolved.  

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