MGA to introduce biodegradable plastic and paper packaging to LOL Surprise in 2020

MGA Entertainment’s CEO, Isaac Larian, has confirmed the toymaker’s intentions to step up its efforts towards sustainability and fighting the plastic waste issue, by introducing a new biodegradable plastic to its LOL Surprise dolls by 2020.

In an exclusive with CNN Business, Larian addressed the issue of plastic waste, stating that his company is ‘working on a brand new biodegradable plastic for 2020,’ while sharing the firm’s plans on swapping plastic for paper for all the inner packaging of its LOL Surprise toys.

Currently, MGA Entertainment’s LOL Surprise dolls line come in shrink wrapped plastic, with a number of plastic bags inside. Earlier in the year, MGA Entertainment took its first steps in addressing concerns around sustainability by partnering with TerraCycle, the plastics recycling company.

Through the partnership, consumers can drop off their plastic waste at collection points for it to be taken and recycled by TerraCycle. The company has since stated that it has a ‘bigger plan in place with TerraCycle,’ but hasn’t detailed what this involves.

Should the firm’s intentions come into fruition in the next year, this will mark an important step change in the toy industry’s strive for better sustainability and its approach to plastic packaging.

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