Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic fail the John Adams Buzz Off challenge

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic downed racquets at the ATP World Tour Finals in London to bring their on-court rivalry to the Buzz Off challenge, a nerve-tingling buzzer game from John Adams.

Featured on BBC Breakfast, the world’s top three male tennis stars attempted to master the challenge during their morning chat with Sally Nugent, as each tried to out manoeuvre the other across a table while vying to beat the buzzer and become the Buzz Off champion.

Despite their best efforts the Grand Slam winners couldn’t hold their nerve long enough, each failing to pass the Buzz Off test. World No.1 Nadal volunteered to try it first, starting well but found himself unable to outplay his own finger as he touched the wire and he was buzzed off.

The Swiss maestro, Federer was next up, nervously joking whether ‘it was normal to have sweaty palms already’. The 20-time Grand Slam champion thought that he had to “get the right grip from the get-go” but he couldn’t get as far as the little finger when the buzz sounded.

Djokovic however fared worse still, touching the wire right at the start, never really managing to get out of the starting blocks. Though none completed the challenge, the sportsmen conceded that Nadal out-performed his competition on the day.

 “To see Buzz Off challenging even the most skilled sportsmen in the world is testimony to its deceptively simple gameplay,” said Lynette Norris, marketing manager at John Adams. “Buzz Off appears easy to master at first, but takes real dexterity and a steady grip to avoid the buzzer.”

Watch the BBC Breakfast of the challenge here

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