Rachel Lowe jointly awarded Game of the Year at Dream Toys 2019

Designer, marketer and toy industry expert, Rachel Lowe took centre stage at the end of this week’s Dream Toys event, where she was presented with the Game of the Year Award for Jumanji, by the Toy Retailers Association.

Lowe has been recognised this week for the role she played in the 2018 success of the Jumanji board game. This is jointly awarded alongside the award given in January to Spin Master at the annual Toy Industry Awards.

It was revealed after the ceremony that Lowe had jointly distributed the product in the UK during the year and she was therefore entitled to be a joint recipient of the award. The Game of the Year Award was presented at this year’s DreamToys event on Wednesday, November 13 at St Mary’s Church in Marylebone, London, by TRA chairman Alan Simpson.

Lowe said: “I am absolutely delighted to be receiving the Game of the Year award for the Jumanji Board Game. It recognises the hard work and effort I put into getting it to the number one ranking on Amazon when I launched it two years ago and also the hard work of my distributor, Heathside Trading, who achieved volume sales throughout the duration of my contract with Sony.”

Alan Simpson, chairman of the TRA, added: “We are sorry that Rachel’s role in the success of Jumanji did not come to light until after the toy industry awards but we are pleased to be able to retrospectively present this well-deserved game of the year award.”

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