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This month, ToyNews tackles some of the biggest topics in the toy space at the moment, including a close up look at the gender divide and the role the toy industry has to play and the steps left to take to make a more inclusive environment for boys and girls.

Click here to read up on the latest industry opinion, exclusive features and interviews. This month, we talk to Bandai Namco about its plans for the physical-digital cross-over toy market as it launches its latest innovation, Tori, get the latest from the High Street in our exclusive retail feature, and uncover what BBC Studios has in store for us all this year and beyond.

Children’s Media Conference’s Greg Childs gives his view on what Brexit could mean for the kids’ television, animation and entertainment space, Kids Insights shares its latest research, Generation Media asks if it’s time for Netflix to worry or chill, and we dive into the licensed toys and robotics sector, and take a look at some of those key pre-Christmas marketing plans from UK toy firms this year.

There’s all this and more in the latest issue of ToyNews.




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