Cluedo just had a renovation thanks to a global competition with Houzz

The votes are in and the winner can now be revealed; a luxurious bathroom will replace the hall on the Cluedo game board, thanks to an exclusive partnership between Hasbro and the home and interiors specialist, Houzz.

The home renovation platform teamed with the toy company to renovate the the Cluedo Mansion in honour of Cluedo’s 70th anniversary. Having opened on August 26, people around the world voted in a competition for a new guest room, drawing room, bathroom, or an updated version of the hall.

Out of the four possible inspiration photos from Houzz that could drive the new design, it was the bathroom designed by Ann Lowengart Interiors that won voters over with its ‘deep blue walls, formal finishes and touches of warmth.’

She explained: “I think it’s perfect because it has gravitas. That wallpaper really speaks to that formality.”

The photo that voters loved comes from a real-life renovation that Lowengart and her team took on, in which the homeowners were looking to carve out a formal powder room in the centre of their historic home.

This will be the first bathroom to be included in Cluedo’s Tudor Mansion and an updated version of the board game featuring the new room will be available for purchase in 2020.

The Cluedo game was launched in 1949 and was invented by Englishman Anthony E. Pratt. He invented the game – originally called Murder – during the war to pass the time during lengthy air raid drills. Cluedo is available in more than 30 countries around the world.

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