Former Disney and Netflix execs launch Playper toy company with mission of ditching the plastic

A team of former Disney and Netflix executives have banded together to launch a new toy and connected play company with the mission of tackling the toy industry’s reliance on plastic.

Playper is a company that specialises in paper-based, AR-enhanced construction toys and games, and has launched onto the scene just this month with its first concept, Kung Fu Boogie, an augmented reality dance battle game for kids.

Kung Fu Boogie integrates crafting 3D characters made out of paper, with dance battling through an AR experience for kids that can be unlocked via a mobile phone or smart device. Playper highlights the key features of the new play experience as sustainable and nonviolent, while challenging kids’ motor skills.

Inspired by ’70s Kung Fu culture, the game revolves around dance battles between a series of ten diverse characters. Players can collect characters through the purchase of blind bags. The player then constructs each 3D paper-based character.Once the toy is assembled, the player uses the free Kung Fu Boogie app on their mobile device to scan the toy and bring it to life for the dance battles.

Each Kung Fu Boogie character features unique moves and capabilities making each an exciting addition to their collection. Players can gain achievements and level up throughout the game unlocking new dance moves, costumes, and other features.

Playper is led by leaders in the kids, technology, and CPG space. Founders Michael Bruza, Webb Knudsen, and Susy Christiansen have been in the kids content space for two decades now, working for companies like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, PBS Kids, Scholastic, Walden Media and Leap Frog.

Playper’s Kung Fu Boogie is currently live on Kickstarter.

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