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New series of Planeta Junior’s Gormiti fuels toy sales across Europe, Russia and Canada

The broadcast success of Planeta Junior’s Gormiti is driving the success of its licensed toy line across Europe, Canada, and Russia, according to the producers and owners of the animated comedy-action series.

Planeta Junior has closed various agreements with worldwide broadcasters across Spain, France, Canada, the UK, Italy, Greece, Poland, and Russia.

Gormiti is the new series of action and comedy in 3D animation CGI produced by Giochi Preziosi along with Planeta Junior and the animation studio Kotoc. The series is based on the Gormiti toy line, created by Giochi Preziosi in 2005.

The property has fast become a leading boys’ action property across Europe and is distributed in over 50 countries. More than 500 million figures have been sold to date, totalling around €1.5 billion in retail sales. According to the firm, the new series continues to fuel the success of its toy line across Europe.

Written by a team of international writers headed by LA-based Romain Van Liemt, creator of the show, the animated series is being developed by Kotoc, producers of international TV projects such as Sendokai Championsor Mutant Busters.

“The greatest success of the brand is based on a non-stop research and development activity, on an efficient and continuous marketing strategy, but above all on a strong business attitude bringing it always on the front line every time opportunities of potential growth and challenges are in view,” read a statement from the firm.

“Furthermore, due to this hit on TV, the new season is coming next year.”

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