LEGO is open to the idea of a toy rental scheme in search for sustainable options

LEGO is open to the potential of an officially backed LEGO rental service, the Danish toymaker has told attendees of last week’s Financial Times conference in a talk on the future of manufacturing.

It’s one of many ideas that the company is currently exploring amid the demand today for companies to think more sustainably about their products and operations.

LEGO’s Tim Brooks, vice president responsible for sustainability, said the toymaker was “totally open” to the idea of a product rental scheme. “But it has to come down to the value proposition,” he said.

“We have to start at the point that says what is in it for the consumer. That is what we are just unpicking at the moment. It is possible, but there are some technical barriers.”

One of these barriers is the sheer number of bricks many of the larger LEGO kits contain, and the method of ensuring all of those get returned after the rental period. 

“What are the chances of giving them to an eight year old child and getting them all back again?” said Brooks. “There is a lot of technical thinking that needs to be done… we are right at the beginning of that.”

A rental scheme is just one of many ideas currently being kicked about by LEGO, most of which “will never see the light of day,” said Brooks. But it has highlighted LEGO’s ongoing mission to embrace sustainability for the future.

The Danish toymaker has promised that by 2030 it will have phased out fossil fuel-based plastics.

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