Toys R Us makes online return with Target-powered ‘experiential website’

Toys R Us told us it would be back in time for the Christmas period, but in what shape or form any of us thought that would take, we could only have guessed.

Few may have landed upon just what kind of model the one time juggernaut of a toy retailer would adopt when it revealed its grand re-opening of its online platform

The retailer’s newly launched website doesn’t allow customers to make purchases directly with Toys R Us, but it does offer a whole vastness of content and online experiences such as toy and product reviews, printables, DIY activities and hot picks from the company’s mascot Geoffrey. 

Shoppers wanting to purchase a toy will be redirected through to Target, the US retail colossus which is powering Toys R Us’ new online platform.

Toys R Us closed all of its US stores and laid of tens of thousands of workers after filing for bankruptcy in 2018. Its remaining assets were purchased by Tru Kids Brands, led by the former Toys R Us merchandising executive, Richard Barry.

“Our US strategy is to bring back the Toys R Us brand in a modern way through a strong experiential and content-rich omnichannel concept,” said Barry.

“Target will help us deliver on that experience with its toy assortment, digital strength and ability to deliver order to shoppers in a matter of hours.”

Toys R Us also plans to open two physical locations in Houston, Texas, and in Paramus, New Jersey.

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