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VanchCard UK launches “game-changing” AR-infused trading card game

A Manchester-based team of gamers, developers and play-enthusiasts is looking to push the UK’s status as the home of innovation in the toy space with the launch of a new AR infused trading card series called Full Evolution.

The new trading card game and app aims to offer a new way for fans to play collectable card games, using augmented reality through a mobile device that will bring characters to life from their trading cards to do battle in the digital space.

Full Evolution is a universe in which 170 initial characters exist. Players can collect, keep or trade all 170, and take them into battle in player versus player, or player versus environment modes. Each characters or card contains different strengths and weaknesses, calling on strategic gameplay.

The game has already enjoyed a successful soft launch.

“We have been developing this game for while now, but it looks like our hard work is paying off,” said Gav Munro, creative director and co-founder at VanchCard UK, the team behind the new title.

“We think we have got a game changer here, the AR feature brings the card characters to life and projects them virtually to wherever you are.”

VanchCard Full Evolution will be available from October 7th with a Basic Starter Pack selling for £4.99. Check out the trailer video, complete with ‘90s electro video game soundtrack, below:

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