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LEGO and Ameet launch LEGO Books for “new chapter in children’s publishing”

LEGO has detailed the launch of LEGO Books, a new publishing imprint formed in partnership with the children’s book publisher Ameet.

The new imprint, according to the Danish toymaker and its long-term Polish children’s publishing partner, will ‘encompass a new line of innovative playful reading experiences that capture the LEGO spirit in print, digital, and audio.”

The LEGO Books partnership will allow Ameet co co-create and cooperate with LEGO Publishing to develop a new range of unique books across multiple categories that will combine storytelling, play, learning, and creativity.

It will look to ‘mirror and enhance the experience of playing with LEGO bricks and building sets.’

Ameet will now look to establish partnerships for LEGO Books with publishers and retailers in all categories in global markets from 2021 onwards. Conversations to be had will include those around early readers, author-lead middle grade fiction, picture books, and a learning and STEAM line.

Andrea Ryder, global head of publishing, LEGO, said: “The LEGO system in play is loved by children around the world because it is a unique play experience that combines storytelling, creativity, and playful learning.

“The incredible growth of our publishing business proves that books are the perfect vehicle to capture this experience and has shown that the LEGO brand occupies a unique position in a competitive licensing market.

“By launching LEGO Books in a strategic partnership with Ameet, we will develop a range of Playful Reading titles in multiple categories to capture the very essence of LEGO play and occupy a unique position in the children’s publishing market worldwide.

“This partnership will also allow us to support the LEGO Group’s vision to become a global force for learning through play.”

Piotr Modlinkski, CEO and founder of Ameet, added: “LEGO Books will write a new chapter in children’s publishing to promote reading, storytelling, and creative play.”

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