Sylvanian’s elephant family becomes toymaker’s fastest selling line in 20 years

It’s been a strong year for Sylvanian Families, the iconic anthropomorphic toy line that sees the likes of otters, hedgehogs and now elephants adopt humanistic lifestyles, according to the high street toy retailer, The Entertainer, who has reported sales of the toy brand up 25 per cent year on year.

According to the UK’s multi-channel, family owned toy retail brand, new families in the line have been met with positive reception from fans across the UK, including the new elephant family, that has become the ‘star performer’ among the line so far.

The toymaker, Epoch issued a statement highlighting the strength of the new elephant family among the range, citing that retail sales have already been ‘almost as high as the Chocolate Rabbit Family,’ the brand’s best-selling character set to date.

The new Elephant Family is also proving hugely popular amongst UK Sylvanian Families fans on social media, with over 2,275 likes and positive comments across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Neil Bandtock, Epoch’s MD, said: “We’re having a very strong year with Sylvanian Families already, but now the new Elephant Family has become the fastest-selling family within the range for the last 20 years.

“We knew the elephant characters were cute, and would be popular with consumers, but we hadn’t anticipated this level of response. It has also taken our retail partners by surprise, not just in the UK – we’re now struggling to meet demand worldwide.”

Scott Norman of The Entertainer, commented: “We’re having a great year with Sylvanian Families, with sales year on year up over 25 per cent. The new Families are selling well, with the new Elephant Family the star performer so far.”

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