Hamleys reveals its top ten toys for Christmas

Hamleys has turned to this year’s tech toy line-up to inspire shoppers to part with their Christmas shopping cash this season, unveiled what it predicts to be its top ten toys for the festive period this year.

LEGO’s AR infused launch, LEGO Hidden Side tops the bill of this year’s top ten rundown, as its new Paranormal Bus 3000 sits alongside other tech focused and interactive products such as Mattel’s Pictionary Air, Linkimals, Slow Moves Sloth, Smart Pixelator, and the educational, Coding Critters.

But while there is a lean towards the tech this year, the more traditional sectors more than hold their own amid Hamley’s picks, with Scruff-a-Luv’s My Real Rescue sitting proudly next to the likes of Poopsie Surprise Dolls, the LOL Surprise Chalet Dollhouse, Nerf’s Fortnite RL and the Oblique Drifter.

The Christmas list was revealed by Hamleys top buyers in its new Regent Street Christmas Shop this week.

Victoria Kay, head buyer at Hamleys, said: “It’s no surprise that tech-based toys are popular with the kids this Christmas but it’s interesting and exciting that we are seeing an emerging trend of human connection within toys like Scruff-a-luv’s My Real Rescue, whereas other toys such as Pictionary Air are starting to embrace the online world through physical play. Importantly, these toys are being delivered to bring people together this Christmas and provide an extra dimension of fun and familiarity to all family members.”

In addition to the launch of the top 10, Hamleys is further celebrating the season by opening its brand-new Regent Street Christmas Shop and online.

The Christmas Shop will have all toys from the Hamleys Christmas list, the Hamleys Recommends list and decorations, souvenirs and extra exclusive free family experiences.

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