Spin Master brings Bakugan battles to UK kids with pop up Brawling stations

Bakugan is very much back again, and has been hitting the high street with an invitation for kids to become immersed in its battle universe, thanks to the curation of a run of Bakugan Brawling stations in toy stores and shopping centres up and down the UK.

Spin Master has been busy reignited the excitement around the global hit toy, that captured kids’ imaginations a decade ago. A newly evolved anime series, innovative toy line, card game and mobile app have all been developed to build on the brand’s rich heritage and fan-base.

Spin Master UK partnered with the activation experts Coalition Event Services, to create the pop up Bakugan Brawling stations in toy stores and shopping centres, which ran from August through to October half term.

Additionally, 165 Entertainer stores have been offering weekly Brawling sessions throughout the summer from their own in-house BakuMasters. By the time the tour ends, more than 20,000 kids will have answered the call to Brawl.

Visitors to the activations have had the chance to battle with BakuMasters and other kids, plus receive Brawler and Bakucore samples and game cards to start off their collection.

A rich product line which includes Basic and Ultra Brawlers, the three-pack Starter Sets, and  the Bakugan Battle Arena, along with these organised events, have given fans the opportunity to become the ultimate BaKuMasters.

UK Senior Brand Manager, Simone Palombi, said: “Feedback from the tour has been incredible.  The activities have generated an impressive uplift in sales, and we’re getting very positive responses to other activities including Influencer and social media activations that we’re creating to run alongside our experiential events.

“This reimagined franchise has maintained the essence of what kids got excited about ten years ago, and with exciting new features, it’s clear that we’ve succeeded in starting to inspire an entirely new generation of children to watch, collect and Bakugan Brawl.”

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