Amazon found to allow sale of toys ‘weeks before asking for safety documents’

Amazon has been allowing for the sale of unregulated toys via its online ecommerce platform, without confirming product safety compliance until weeks after trading has commenced, according to a report from CNBC.

The news outlet has learned of cases in which sellers have only been asked to submit safety documents weeks after they start selling on the platform.

Cases have been uncovered in which Amazon has reached out to a group of new toy sellers in recent weeks, asking them to submit the ‘required safety documentation’ for toys that were already available for sale. Amazon said the submissions had to be made no later than September 19th 2019 – two weeks after products started selling.

Speaking with CNBC, the sellers have stated that they were not asked to submit the safety documents prior to listing on the site.

Amazon’s practices surrounding toy safety have come under fire before when a separate report discovered over 4,000 unsafe or federally banned products for sale on Amazon’s marketplace, including children’s toys with high lead levels.

While the platform has made moves in recent months to clean up the issue of product safety, this latest discovery has been highlighted as somewhat of a set back for the online giant. Talking to CNBC, Garret Bluhm, founder of Vendient, a consulting agency for online sellers, accused Amazon of adopting a ‘move first, fix later’ attitude.

An Amazon spokesperson said that the company requests safety documentation ‘very shortly’ after a product is listed by a third-party seller. The recent requests for documentation are part of Amazon’s ‘long-standing Product Safety activities’.

“All products offered in our stores must comply with applicable laws and regulations,” said Amazon.

“We regularly contact selling partners to request safety documentation to help ensure the products in our store meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s safety standards.”

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