Tobar Trading puts retail arm Hawkins Bazaar up for sale

Tobar Trading has begun the process of seeking a buyer for both sides of its retail arm, Hawkins Bazaar, declaring that both its online and bricks and mortar operations will be on the market.

The move was detailed this week by David Mordecai, CEO of Tobar Trading and comes at a time of wide acceptance over the challenges that those operating within the retail sector currently face.

To succeed in this space, retailers need significant investment in both the physical and online stores. It’s Mordecai’s belief that Hawkin’s Bazaar can thrive under a new owner with investment in mind.

“The retail sector in the UK has become increasing challenging over recent times and, now more than ever, successful retailers require significant investment in both physical shops and online presence,”  said Mordecai. “We truly believe Hawkin’s Bazaar remains a very strong retail brand with good heritage and would undoubtedly benefit from the additional investment and focus that a new owner could provide.

“In particular there is a great opportunity to take the business to the next level through development of the omni-channel approach.”

The process is likely to run for a number of weeks and Mordecai stressed “It’s very much business as usual, we have a great product offering for the consumer in the busy period in the run up to Christmas.”

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