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Zuru to launch Tangle Pets to UK market this October

The global toy manufacturer, Zuru, has detailed a new extension to its popular Tangle range, with the introduction of Zuru Tangle Pets. The sensory fidget toy and accessory line will welcome the new addition as it launches to the UK market this October.

Over the past two years, more than 34 million Tangle products have been sold worldwide with 35 per cent of sales in the UK alone. Designed as a creative stress relief solution with brain-teaser benefits, Tangle is currently available in collectable and connectable classic and wild designs.

Zuru Tangle Pets is a line of six collectable pets for children to tangle, twist, and shape. Available as Kitty, Puppy, Bunny, Sloth, Unicorn, and Flamingo Tangles, the pets can be used to help with creativity and concentration. 

Children can collect them all to click together and create a stress reliever, puzzle, fidget toy, or artistic creation.

Erika Sava, senior marketing manager, Zuru Toys said: “In 2017 we worked closely with Tangle’s creator and designer, Richard X. Zawitz, to re-purpose his original vision to create Zuru’s new versions. 

“The introduction of Zuru Tangle Pets offers even more longevity for the range in the marketplace and appeals to the on-going popularity of collectible pet-themed toys.”

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