Big Potato takes gamers back to the ’90s with Blockbuster pop up at Gen Con

It was a real throw back moment for visitors of the Big Potato booth at Gen Con last weekend, as the Shoreditch-based outfit transported gamers to the heady days of the Blockbuster video rental business.

The smell of popcorn, the Z-list horror and those equally horrific blue and yellow uniforms all helped stage the nostalgia trip as Big Potato unveiled its video rental pop-up at the four-day event in Indianapolis, all to promote its new film-based party game, Blockbuster.

Complete with membership cards, a ‘Quick Drop Box’ and an old-school 90’s computer, Gen Con guests had a chance to step back into the ’90s and grab a copy of the game for themselves.

With over 140,000 visitors last year, Gen Con is one of the biggest gaming festivals in the world – and it didn’t disappoint. The company reports that by Saturday morning, it had completely sold out of the Blockbuster game.

Massimo Zeppetelli, head of US marketing at Big Potato, said: “We were blown away by the positive reaction towards the Blockbuster store – some people were even showing us their old membership cards. Before the weekend was over, the shelves had been completely cleared out, making it our most successful Gen Con show to date. Personally, I think it might’ve been the uniforms that made the difference – but who knows.”

Blockbuster is a two-team party game for anyone who’s ever seen a movie. It starts with a head-to-head challenge, where two players face off against one another in a quick-fire buzzer battle, then moves onto the second round, where players have to act, describe and quote as many movies as they can for their team.

The first team to collect a movie from all eight genres, wins.

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