MGA issues warning to world’s counterfeiters after factory raid seizes 20,000 knock-off toys in China

MGA Entertainment has issued a warning to counterfeiters of the toymaker’s portfolio of products and the retailers that stock them, redoubling its efforts to bring the lawbreakers to justice.

The announcement was made by the company’s CEO, Isaac Larian, following a raid on a Chinese toy factory during which a haul of over 20,000 knock-off LOL Surprise and Poopsie toys were seized this week.

Larian posted a series of images of the raid upon the Zhuhai Tansheng toy factory in China, detailing that the manufacturer had been making the counterfeit toys for export out of China.

The provocative post from the outspoken CEO suggested that this was just thee tip of the iceberg when it comes to the serious issue of counterfeiters, indicating that there are some 200 facotories currently producing MGA knock-offs.

“Look at the dirty, unsafe factory condition,” said Larian, commenting on the pictures taken of the haul. 

“These counterfeit toys are exclusively made for export out of China only. There are over 200 factories making counterfeit MGA products. We are coming after all of them, and all retailers worldwide who buy these.”

This week, the US Toy Association’s president Steve Pasierb has appealed for unification in a bid to “hold back the relentless tide of counterfeit toys” affecting the global market, highlighting the significant and growing concern from the international toy community over the issue.

The BTHA recently released a study that found that 58 per cent of toys selected for assessment from online marketplaces are non-compliant with UK toy safety regulations and illegal for sale.

Industry bodies have expressed concern that knock-offs, such as those seized in this latest raid on the Zhuhai Tansheng factory in China, are often unsafe for children.

Pasierb said: “Violative toys are a risk to children everywhere – and to the entire business of toys – and all rogue sellers of untested, unsafe toys must be held accountable.

“I encourage the toy community to reach out to our staff with personal examples, feedback, and information on this critical issue as we strive to eliminate dangerous counterfeit toys and children’s goods.”

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