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Rubik’s Brands celebrates USA’s fastest Cubers at Baltimore Nationals

Baltimore in the USA has once again welcomed a collection of the country’s most elite puzzlers, having played host to this year’s Rubik’s Cube CubingUSA Nationals Event.

Each year, hundreds of global speedcubers travel from across the States to attend the event, each carrying with them the hope of earning the coveted title for fastest Cube solver.

This year, it was one Patrick Ponce who rise above the masses, to be handed the first place accolade, having clocked in an impressive 7.05 seconds to solve the famous cube. Rubik’s Brands – the organisers of the event – were equally taken by the skills displayed by Lucas Etter, who with an average time of 7.13 seconds, took home second. Max Park placed third with an average time of 7.36 seconds.

In addition to the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube, competitors were also challenged in many categories including fastest blindfolded, fastest one-handed, and fastest solve with feet.

Rubik’s Brand presented qualifier tickets to four talented competitors who placed first at the CubingUSA Nationals. The fastest 3×3 (male and female) Patrick Ponce and Eva Kato, fastest blindfolded average time Max Hillard, and fastest one-handed competitor Max Park, all received a travel package to compete in the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup November 17, in Moscow, Russia.

Beyond the competitions, Rubik’s Brand Ltd. and professional speedcuber Anthony Brooks provided entertainment for children and families at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore as he created a 1,000 Rubik’s Cube mosaic.

Created by professor Ernő Rubik as a tool to teach his architectural students, Rubik’s Cube has evolved into the world’s most successful toy today. Such is its popularity, it has even become a global consumer brand, merchandising and licensing company that is now working to expand into vast new areas.

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