Hippychick launches The Wheelybug Clinic to encourage toy recycling

The traditional toy company, Hippychick is playing its own role in encouraging sustainability within the toy industry, with the launch of a new ‘toy clinic’ through which consumers can recycle a toy, rather than throw it away.

The Somerset-based toy firm has introduced its Wheelybug Clinic as a means of repairing the popular range of ride-ons in all of their various animal designs, as part of its commitment to environmental practices.

The service will be provided by Scott Bateman, an employee of Hippychick in an extension of the repairs service he has been providing for the company of used Wheelybugs, since the toymaker took on the brand some 11 years ago.

It is only now, however, that Hippychick has felt itself best-placed to launc the service officially.

“Only a handful of people take advantage of this unique facility at the moment,” said Julia Minchin, Hippychick’s founder and managing director. “But Scott, who we believe to be the modern day Geppetto, has shown such incredible aptitude and dedication in Wheelybug operations, that we have decided to officially launch ‘The Wheelybug Clinic’ this summer, as part of Hippychick’s commitment to after sales service.

“From our point of view, it’s a positive environmental step. Instead of throwing away a toy that is fundamentally sound but might have lost one of its wheels or has a rip in its skin, customers can now take advantage of a professional repair service that has it looking as good as new.”

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