MGA Entertainment squeezes out The Hangrees at San Diego Comic Con

Harry Plopper, Ninja Turdle, and Fartnite are just some of the almost-recognisable names to make up a cast of pop culture parody characters among a new MGA Entertainment toy line, devised ‘to bring the humour back into the toy industry.’

The Hangrees are billed as an ‘outrageous, slime collectable, pop culture parody figure, line up that proves that it’s Good to Laugh. Each character in this new line of toys needs to be fed. Fans and collectors can then shake them up and give them a squeeze to witness the world fall out of the back end of them.

Parody characters of some of the world’s most iconic pop culture IP were unveiled to fans at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, while pre-sales across Amazon, Target and Walmart are looking to be strong for this new brand.

The Hangrees features nine characters to collect, each hitting shelves on August 18. In addition to collecting The Hangrees characters, there is a rare “chrome” character that will satiate the hunger for more … at least until the next drop of Hangrees characters.

A key component to The Hangrees involves the mysterious slimy poop. Kids can make the slimy poop in three easy steps: Firstly, by feeding the character water, ‘food’ and ‘food flavour’, then shaking them up before giving them a squeeze. Kids can then store the slime in a resealable container to use again.

“The toy industry needs more laughter – our core target is kids – they enjoy humour, parodies and, of course, slime,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment. “The Hangrees is a parody brand that is designed to bring laughter and chuckles to consumers of all ages.”

The Hangrees collection kicks off with characters Harry Plopper, Ninja Turdle, Chewcaca, Fartnite and more.

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