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Metallica is launching into the puzzles sector… and nothing else matters

Zee Productions is continuing its mission to shake up the puzzles sector with the head-banging artwork of some of the most seminal heavy metal and rock albums the genre has to offer, this time turning to Metallica for an inspired new collection.

The firm will now release the first four classic Metallica album covers as 500-piece jigsaw puzzles this September, via its consumer products imprint, Rock Saws.

Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets and And Justice For All will all be released on September 20th.

Zee Productions and Rock Saws, run by self-proclaimed metal-head Steve Beatty, conceived the idea of turning classic heavy metal album artwork in to puzzles in a move to offer more to the puzzles market than the usual ‘English village scene.’ It marks the first time album artwork from the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Motorhead and Iron Maiden has been used in such a way.

Each puzzle comes in a vinyl box set sized box, “perfect to fit alongside your vinyl collection,” said Beatty, who is also the CEO of Plastic Head, a firm known on the music scene for its distribution of hardcore, death metal, black metal, goth, punk and ska music.

“I want to make jigsaws that are for the music fan. Vinyl came back and the great thing about it is you get a great big cool thing with generally great artwork. The other great and main thing I love about vinyl, I sit with it, look at it, listen to it and discuss – distraction free. I loved the idea of making great record sleeve art into jigsaws, maybe stick the record on and do together.

“I intend to vastly expand our Zee range into other topics but right now, I’m having fun with the Rocksaw range. Rest assured when I do expand, it won’t be pictures of lakes…”

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