Rubik’s crowns new World Champion at World Cup Event in Australia

It was a big weekend for the Rubik’s Brand, having played host to the World Cube Association’s World Cup Event in Australia, where the firm crowned a new World Champion.

The German puzzler, Philipp Weyer took the crown at an event that saw the world’s elite from over 52 countries gather to challenge one another and earn the title of fastest cuber. Weyer ability to solve the cube with an impressive time averaging 6.74 seconds earned him that title.

Second place was awarded to Sean Patrick Vilanueva from the Philippines with the time of 6.78 seconds, and Germany’s Sebastian Weyer placed third with 6.81 seconds.

‘The iconic 3x3x3 Cube challenged competitors with speed and precision, and after multiple intense rounds, Philipp Weyer came out on top,’ read a statement from Rubik’s Brand.

Twins Philipp and Sebastian Weyer from Germany have both successfully held records for their solving and accuracy skills over the past few years.

Competitors and spectators were treated to entertainment beyond the competition itself, when Rubik’s Cube artist Giovanni Contardi began creating Rubik’s Cube murals on-site, and surrounding the event locally in Melbourne.

The attendees also celebrated the creator of the Rubik’s Cube, Ernő Rubik’s birthday at the event on July 13 with a giant Rubik’s Cube cake.

Professor Ernő Rubik created the Rubik’s Cube as a tool to teach his architectural students. It quickly  evolved into the world’s most successful toy, a puzzle perceived globally as an art form and the ultimate symbol of intelligence and problem solving.

Today the Rubik’s Cube has become a global consumer brand, merchandising and licensing company that is now heading to expand into vast new areas.

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