Hasbro’s Magic: The Gathering will tap into market ‘upwards of 250 million’ when it launches to digital this year

Hasbro’s Magic: The Gathering will be tapping into a market of upwards of 250 million fans of collectable or trading card games when it officially launches to the digital space this year.

Expectations are high for the popular card game that, when its PC version called Magic: The Gathering Arena lands, will tap into a larger crowd of gamers, including the some 20 million players that have moved on from physical cards to digital gaming.

The idea is that Hasbro will be able to attract back some of its Magic: The Gathering fans. The digital game has been in a Beta testing phase since September last year, and it is predicted that the platform will be bringing in nearly three million active users by the end of 2019.

Analysts further estimate that this could hit nearly 11 million by 2021. It could be higher, of course, as according to Hasbro, a billion games have already been played.

Chris Cocks, president of Wizards of the Coast (whose unit also owns Dungeons and Dragons), said that there’s a market of about 250 million people who are into collectable or trading card games like Magic.

Arena could “appeal to a very large number of those players.”

“To date, Magic has been something you can buy in stores, mostly hobby stores, but not everyone has a good hobby store in their home town,” he said. “We think digital is a great way to introduce a fantastic game to them with very low barriers to entry.”

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