Schleich UK to launch heavyweight marketing campaign for Horse Club

Schleich UK has detailed plans for its first mainstream TV campaign for the rapidly-growing Horse Club brand –  a heavyweight campaign that begins this month.

It features both traditional TV advertising, VOD, and digital coverage, including You Tube pre-roll.

The 30” Horse Club TVC will introduce the Horse Club story and coverage will continue throughout the year into December, airing across the UK and Ireland. The channel list includes CITV, Disney Channel, Milkshake, Nick, Pop and Cartoon Network.

The key target audience for the brand is girls aged five to 12.

It will star the four Horse Club riders and their horses and be set within the brand’s universe that includes the Large House and Stable and the new, award-winning Rider Café, as well as other key play-sets such as the Mobile Vet van and Pick Up with Horse Box.

The stars of the campaign are the four Horse Club riders and their horses, in an equine world that centres on the best-selling Large House & Stable and the brand new award-winning (Toy Fair Hero) Rider Café, plus other key play-sets such as the Mobile Vet van and Pick Up with Horse Box.

Paul Dearlove, marketing manager at Schleich UK commented: “This is without doubt our largest marketing campaign ever and demonstrates a major commitment to support the meteoric rise of the Horse Club brand and our retail partners.

“The significant investment in TV and digital is just part of a multi-media strategy that will that includes the microsite and the recent launch of the new Horse Club app.

“This, with other landmark occasions and events for the brand makes it a very exciting time to be part of the Horse Club.”

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