Playmobil goes big for Banba Toymaster’s 75th anniversary

Playmobil is looking to catch the eye of millions of Dublin shoppers this summer, helping Toymaster Banba celebrate its 75th anniversary with a large banner wrap across the beloved toy shop’s store front.

The move comes as part of Playmobil’s commitment to its 2019 advertising campaign to support retailers. The banner wrap was unveiled as the Dublin toy shop celebrates its 75th year of trading this year. The popular destination was named the Independent Toy Retailr of the Year at the toy Retailer of the Year Awards 2018.

Unsurprisingly, Banba Toymaster stocks the entire Playmobil line, from 1.2.3 to licensed ranges.

The banner itself focuses on Playmobil: The Movie, which is set to premier in UK cinemas on August 9. Alongside the movie, Playmobil has launched nine new play-sets based on the film:

70070 Rex Dasher with Parachute
70071 Robotitron with Drone
70072 Marla with Horse
70073 Charlie with Prison Wagon
70074 Marla and Del with Flying Horse
70075 Del’s Food Truck
70076 Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum
70077 Marla in the Fairytale Castle
70078 Rex Dasher’s Porsche Mission E.

Jamie Dickinson, marketing and display manager at Playmobil UK, said: “We always want to provide retailers with our support through our advertising programme. The banner wrap with Banba Toymaster reaffirms our position as a leading entertainment brand as well as drums up energy surrounding the brand during an exciting time, with Playmobil: The Movie launching in August.

“We always enjoy working with Toymaster and we’re really excited to see Playmobil have such a prominent position outside of Banba in Dublin, where millions of people will see it.”

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