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Bananagrams encourages UK and US students into wordplay with new Schools Club launch

The team behind the popular word tile game, Bananagrams has launched a new schools club initiative to encourage students across the UK and US to engage with words and wordplay – fundamental elements of the game itself.

Since 2015, more than 250,000 students along with their teachers throughout the UK and US have played Bananagrams in their schools as a result of the Bananagrams Challenge. Now, through the launch of the Bananagrams School Club, more than 130,000 students this year alone are expected to pick up the game.

Bananagrams Inc. will offer free kits, including two complimentary Bananagrams games, to qualifying schools across the UK and USA. Free downloadable resources will be available online for all participating clubs.    

“Here at Bananagrams, Inc. we are passionate about literacy. We love being able to bring playful learning to the classroom,” said Rena Nathanson, CEO, Bananagrams, Inc. 

“It’s been professionally and personally gratifying to provide resources to our amazing teachers and to see so many students sharpen their language skills via our games, all while having fun. We hope the Club will create some life-long Bananagrams fans.”

One teacher at St Joseph’s RC Primary School in South Yorkshire has credited the initiative with being ‘one of the best I have come across in my years of teaching.’

“The children love the launch of the Bananagrams competition in school and each year we have more children wanting to take part and practise at break times and dinner times,” they said.

As part of the Club, Bananagrams, Inc. will host a monthly #hashtag challenge calling for action shots, i.e. grid with a school’s longest word played in a game/ #BGSClongest word, where one lucky winning club a month will win a prize pack filled with games and goodies. 

Via the hashtag challenge along with a strong Google Classroom and social media presence (FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter) the Bananagrams Club will help to create a virtual community for teachers to connect, share resources and ideally celebrate teaching through word play.

For further information visit https://bananagrams.com/schoolclub.

Asmodee is the official UK supplier of Bananagrams. The game is a key part of Asmodee’s Fun Fast Games range – a collection of titles that can be learned and played quickly across all ages.


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