The education-focused June issue of ToyNews is ready to read now

The education-focused June edition of ToyNews has arrived and is available to read online, on your iPad, laptop or smart device now.

This is a month filled with exclusive reveals, interviews and features. ToyNews is privileged to exclusively unveil the 2019 Connected Play Landscape from the tech toy and play research specialists, Collabsco.

It’s been one year since ToyNews revealed the first connected play landscape to the industry, and that world of digital-physical cross-over toys has certainly evolved since – check out just what the 2019 Connected Play Landscape looks like in the June issue, and explore the space with Collabsco’s Valerie Vacante in our exclusive feature.

And that’s not all ToyNews is proud to present this month. Fiesta Craft’s Rob Trup has proudly launched The Real Store Club, an initiative developed by him and his team to champion the independent retailer and help them fight the good fight, giving them a foot up with in-store and out-store marketing, and help fuel the passion of today’s small toy and gift shops.

Meanwhile, ToyNews talks to the likes of Orchard Toys about its services to educating pre-schoolers, we take a look at the future of children’s bedtime stories, discover Ravensburger’s appetite for IP in our interview with the firm’s CEO, and learn a bit more about the industry’s waste watchers, TerraCycle following its partnership with MGA’s LOL Surprise.

That’s all before we get to looking at the latest products across the STEM toy, dolls, and back to school sectors in the June edition of ToyNews.

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