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Monkey CoCo is launching a subscription box service for STEM toys

The team of toy developers at Monkey CoCo are putting an educational slant on the subscription box service trend, tapping into the growing STEM toy market by delivering new learning toys to members each month.

The service will provide subscribers with a different kit each month, each with a focus on one or multiple core subjects across science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The toys are aimed at kids aged five to 12 years old.

Members will receive two STEM toys each month, and each kit comes with all of the components needed for assembling the challenge, as well as knowledge cards and a picture book.

Monkey CoCo is a US team but will be shipping the subscription box initiative to 32 international markets.

“Children are curious by nature and out toys are designed to engage them right away with hands-on experiences and limited screen time,” read a statement from Monkey CoCo.

“With the craftsmanship toys, children will make toys by themselves, along with well-designed knowledge cards, making it easier for them to understand complex concepts. Our main goals are to build confidence, problem solving skills, and resilience in children when faced with complex challenges.

“We seek to empower your child with the tools and skills needed to be an outstanding, critical thinker in the future.”  

Check out the concept here.

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