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Exploding Kittens creators launch own Burning Cat gaming convention

Remember Elan Lee and his Exploding Kittens card game? Yes, the one that set a whole load of new records on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter around three years ago?

Well, the team behind this hit tabletop card game – and continued best-seller – has just detailed its plans to launch a new gaming convention to counter the current trend of conventions becoming “glorified shopping destinations.”

It’s called Burning Cat, and, in true Exploding Kittens style, it has quite a bizarre premise.

“At this event, things will happen. You will play games. You will learn things, People will talk, A large man will be dressed as a cat. You do not have to talk to this man. A cat might explode. We suggest you avoid this cat,” read the convention’s description on its website.

Describing itself as a convention ‘you attend if you want to have actual fun,’ Burning Cat – a pastiche on the Burning Man festival – will allow visitors to observe and play games, comedy and creativity.

“This is a place for tabletop gamers, card game players, casual party game players, families who love games, game makers, or anyone who ever hosted a game night.”

It will feature a large Burning Cat statue, planned to be set on fire at the end of the show, as well as over-sized cat-themed games. It will also feature speakers, gaming tournaments, and an after-hours game night.

The convention is expected to take place in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Centre on May 16 to 17 2020.

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