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Monchhichi animation “opening doors to new licensing effort” with License Connection

License Connection has signed a new agreement to represent Monchhichi across the Benelux region, the iconic character created in Japan more than 45 years ago.

Under the new deal, the licensing specialist will be representing both the new Minchhichi animated series, currently airing, as well as the Monchhichi classic brand.

Invented by Sekiguchi as a doll in 1974, Monchhichi has seen its success span several generations. The first dolls were twins, a boy and a girl, and were an immediate hit. The brand has been distributed globally and has fans of all ages, taking the merchandise program even wider.

It covers not only toys, games and stationery, but also high-end novelties and gifts.

“The Benelux markets are an historical hotspot for us and we’re very pleased to partner with License Connection to work on widening the range of official products for fans of all ages,” said Christophe Millet, the Sekiguchi business development manager.

“We are incredibly excited about representing this heritage brand,” added Daphne Kellerman, owner of License Connection. “Both brands will strengthen each other. The classic dolls are very well-known and that is what the demand is for. But the animation is helping to open doors.”

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