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Does this image confirm the arrival of LEGO Stranger Things?

A German retailer has fuelled fresh speculation that a LEGO Stranger Things line is indeed in the works, following various reports quashing the rumours earlier this year.

Posted by Lucky Bricks, the image depicts the Stranger Things character Duston alongside the Demogorgon, in what seemingly confirms all rumours to be true.

The German outfit has stated that the graphic itself was published by LEGO, adding that it has no further information and that orders on the Stranger Things line cannot be taken yet.

Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in 2016, quickly generating a huge following of nostalgia and fantasy fans. It has been credited with re-energising the demand for retro-inspired product lines, and a growth in tabletop gaming Dungeons and Dragons. Season three of the series is set to launch in July this year.

LEGO is yet to confirm the authenticity of this Stranger Things range. The image indicates a 16+ age range, hinting at a more adult-focused move LEGO.

Links between the image, the proposed Stranger Things LEGO range and a planned midnight opening at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, and a late night shopping event at the LEGO Store New York have been made.

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