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Toy shop selling only sustainable toys opens its doors in Hove

An independent toy retailer with the mission to only sell sustainable toys to its customers has opened its doors in Hove, marking a first of its kind in the city.

Timeless Toys store owner, Susan Luxford set out on the task of going plastic free after observing the kind of toys available to her three year old son. Pouring over her research, Luxford – who opened up her shop only last week – assures customers that “everything for sale in is ethical.”

“All the toys are plastic-free and made from wood and plant-friendly dyes,” Luxford told The Argus. “They do not contain PVC or phthalates used in many plastic toys that can cause hormone disruption.

“I have stocked toys from family run businesses that make the best kind of ethical toys out there.”

Luxford saw a gap in the market, noting that no other toy shops in her local area were selling the brands she now stocks. Many of these brands in the store use their own profits to help the environment. The Goki and Heimess brand, for example, helps to create new forests in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s least wooded state.

“By buying these toys, you are supporting family-owned small independent brands, centred around ethical practices to give back to the community,” Luxford added.

Since opening last Wednesday, the shop has already seen a strong response from locals.

Luxford continued: “Adults and children seem to love coming in here. I think it will go down well because people here are conscientious about helping the planet.”

Luxford is looking to develop a workshop behind the shop to start hosting classes where children can go and paint their own wooden toys.

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