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Gaming sector pulls in $1bn in backer pledges on Kickstarter since 2009

Gaming has been big business for Kickstarter for some time now, but this week the crowdfunding platform revealed some rather impressive figures.

As a collective sector, gaming has now brought in over $1billion in donation to creators since 2009, with pledges made by some 3.2 million people who have backed almost 17,000 game-related projects on the site.

Of this figure, Kickstarter has revealed that tabletop gaming has made up around 69 per cent, earning around $686 million compared to $236 million from video games. The platform has given rise to some of the sector’s breakout and subsequently best-selling games such as Exploding Kittens ($8.8 million), Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 ($12.4 million), and Dark Souls – The Board Game ($4.9 million).

With a five per cent cut from every successfully funded project, Kickstarter has secured around $34.3 million since 2009 from the tabletop gaming market alone.

Venture Beat has reported a breakdown of funded projects in the gaming sector. According to its report, tabletop games secured $686,696,897, video games have taken $236,598,100, playing cards have secured $25,376,895, mobile games have taken $21,368,200 and puzzles $1,868,466.

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