Preschool market is stronghold amid economic strife, says Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van is enjoying a flying start to the year in the stronghold preschool market that ‘has not yet been impacted’ by any kind of economic situation.

Speaking to ToyNews, the preschool specialist has reported on items from its 2019 portfolio selling out, even before entering the country,’ and has already secured new batches of product to keep up with current demand.

Driving that demand, the firm has stated, is a desire from consumers to shop sustainably with the indication that ‘customers today want more than ever to buy sustainable products from across all industries.’

It’s a mindset that aligns with Le Toy Van’s recent focus on the topic itself, having set out its goal to become 100 per cent sustainable in its manufacturing processes and in the product it rolls out over the next year or so.

“Business has been very positive this first half of the year, it seems the momentum of the Toy Fairs is still here,” Marie Bureau, marketing manager at Le Toy Van, told ToyNews.

“Both retailer and consumer response to our mission has been very good. I believe there is a David Attenborough effect and finally people start to realise the impact we have on the planet. We saw a drop in single use plastic in the past six months, and I believe this movement is here for good, at last.”

Le Toy Van is now using replanted trees and taking strides towards eliminating single use plastic from its toys, both “to meet consumer demand and actively participate to the greater good of our planet.”

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